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Glass Slides – Magic Lantern

Yesterday at my local Research Lodge, Research Lodge of Oregon No. 198 a discussion at the Refreshment Table began about Glass Slides that were used for degree work using the old Magic Lantern Projectors. The Grand Lodge of Oregon Digital Archives has copied these glass slides.  Give these beautiful pieces of art a look. Glass […]

Dues Card – The cutting in half

A curious use of curtesy coaching by a different lodge that originally Initiated the Brother.  It appears at least with one lodge that the habit of cutting a dues card in half of a traveling Freemason prior to becoming a Master Mason was in use in 1918.  The matching of dues cards appears to have […]

Oregon Work “Ritual” Curious Find

A curious find has surfaced while indexing for the Digital Archives of the GLO.  It appears that at least a few Freemason’s in Oregon in 1919 didn’t like the adopted Work.  Referred it to Morganism and the use of the number of 6? To my Ritualists out there do we know what this is referring […]

Portland Masonic Cemetery / Greenwood Hills Cemetery

Did you know…? Did you know that there was at one time post Grand Lodge of Oregon creation in 1851 (ca.1860’s) land either purchased, acquired or given for use for burial of Mason’s and their families located in Portland Oregon? This land is today known as, Greenwood Hills Cemetery. The research on this Masonic Cemetery […]

GLO Digital Archives Index – New Addition

Recently several three ring binders from the 1940’s surfaced created by PGM Carl Patterson.  His detailed typed notes on the creation and management of the Education Fund and Building Association is very detailed.  The reasoning and use of these notes are at this time not clear. Two new additions to the GLO Digital Archives.  The […]