President Harry S. Truman Letter Surfaced

A letter from President Harry S. Truman to Oregon Military Lodge U. D. while in Germany surfaced recently within a book cover.  The letter is a copy but never the less it is a great find and addition to the museum.

Oregon Military Lodge U.D. – Bible Surfaced

Recently the original Oregon Military Lodge U. D. Bible, Bible Cover surfaced.  The bible is the bible used while they were under dispensation in Germany and the leather bible cover was hand made and is a wonderful piece of Americana Art on the back.

Freemasonry in Berlin WW2 – Curious Entry

In the proceedings of the GLO was found during other research a curious entry.  Lodge Paraphernalia was created from military items and supplies to be used during lodge meetings until suitable replacements could be acquired from the states.  This entry was presented from an attendee of the pre cursor of Oregon Military Lodge.  These items are supposedly located at Champoeg Lodge in Canby Or.

Nice little find today. Mint condition.

Oregon Military Lodge U. D. Masonic Apron.  Mint condition.