New Find – Masonic and Eastern Star Home Documents and Photograph

An exciting find to report. A Brother searching through a folder in his lodge came across three documents written by then Grand Secretary and Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Oregon in the year 1921. Along with a wonderful document with specific costs of the Masonic and Eastern Star Home MESH and a wonderful never before seen picture of MESH as a shell before the bricks were placed from what appears to be from the architect of the MESH. Such a valuable find for our jurisdictions history.

A Century of Masonic Purpose 1951

The Grand Lodge of Oregon at the 1951 Annual Communication had the newly assigned Centennial Committee give a report on the progress of the upcoming September 1951 Centennial.

As a side note many Masonic Lodges in the Oregon Jurisdiction each were preparing for their own 100th Centennial Observance. In many of the lodge historical files held within the archives of the museum of the Grand Lodge of Oregon can be found the individual lodge centennial programs.

In 1951 an address was given at the Oregon City Senior Hight School.  The program was called, “A Century of Masonic Purpose”.

A Century of Masonic Purpose
An Address Upon the 100th Anniversary of the
Founding of the Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and
Accepted Masons of Oregon

W. R. May
Editor Co-Publisher
Oregon City, Oregon

Location was
Oregon City Senior Hight School

September 15, 1951

Paper PDF

Digital Archives Grand Lodge of Oregon Centennial Observance 1951 Oregon City 1951 J. C. Wilkinson Files D9 295, 297-318, 329

You can access the above J. C. Wilkinson File at  Digital Archive Digest No. D9

Glass Slides – Magic Lantern

Yesterday at my local Research Lodge, Research Lodge of Oregon No. 198 a discussion at the Refreshment Table began about Glass Slides that were used for degree work using the old Magic Lantern Projectors.

The Grand Lodge of Oregon Digital Archives has copied these glass slides.  Give these beautiful pieces of art a look.

Glass Slides