GLO Digital Archives Index – New Addition

Recently several three ring binders from the 1940’s surfaced created by PGM Carl Patterson.  His detailed typed notes on the creation and management of the Education Fund and Building Association is very detailed.  The reasoning and use of these notes are at this time not clear.

Two new additions to the GLO Digital Archives.  The Building Association which was a sub-committee to raise money and build Masonic Temples in the Portland Oregon area.

The ongoing collection of Education Fund records is growing all the time.  The new addition to the Digital Archives is enlightening.


Building Association

Building Association GLO  


Education Fund

GLO Education Fund 

Digital Archives Topical Index – Updated with Digest No. 10


Very interesting collection within the 600+ pages of Digest No. 10.  Evolution of the Topical History of Grand Lodge of Oregon was through out this collection of papers from the first Grand Historian of the Grand Lodge of Oregon J. C. Wilkinson.


Digital Archive – Menu added to main Library and Museum Page

The GLO Library and Museum Page link to the Digital Archives is now available on the menu.

Digital Archive Index – New Digest Available

The GLO Digital Archive Topical Digest No. 8 is now available for viewing.  Index is located at back of the document.

You can access this specific Digest No. 8 along with the other 7 at the below link.


You can also search the GLO Digital Archive Topical Index that works with the Digests at the below link.



New: Grand Lodge of Oregon GLO Digital Archives Topical Index

The MWB Robert M. Richmond Memorial Library and Museum is very proud to share the new GLO Digital Archives Topical Index.


The GLO Library and Museum Committee have been working on this new index to replace the old Digital Archives for over a year.

This Digital Archives will be using very large Digital Digests and direct links to GLO Museum Accession Numbers within the archives.  Many of these files are very large so patience is needed when researching.

The entire GLO Lodge History folders are now available within the index which took over a week to upload.  This directory alone was over 280 GB.


GLO Library and Museum Committee