Cornerstone Article – Cornerstone found March 21, 1928

This corner-stone of a Masonic Temple, erected by the Masonic Building Association of Portland, Oregon, was laid by the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Oregon, on Thursday the 29th day of June, A. D. 1871, A. L. 5871.

The morning Oregonian Wednesday March 21st, 1928

Masonic temple cornerstone uncovered

frank J. Smith was a boy of 11 when he saw the Masonic temple cornerstone laid at 3rd and Alder streets in 1871. Yesterday, shortly after workmen had uncovered part of the brick covering and revealed the rock, he climbed down into the excavation and renewed acquaintance with the stone. It contained historical records found in a perfect state of preservation.


Cornerstone gives Masonic records

box sealed 57 years ago in rock is located

Smith points location

contents of leaden jazz found in good condition after nearly six years

57 years ago, on June 29th 1871 the Masonic Grand Lodge of Oregon laid the cornerstone of the Masonic temple, then in procession of erection at 3rd and Alder streets.

Yesterday noon that cornerstone was recovered by work been who are wrecking the building that the Pacific states investment company may erect a 12 story structure upon the site, and from the stones chiseled depths was taken a small, sealed lead box containing the records and mementos.

Lodge Symbolic and Vessels

Lodge Symbolic and Vessels is what the gold box is called.  

The Lodge Symbolic is used to dedicate new Lodge buildings.

Custody:  Normally in the custody of the Grand Marshall

Location:  As of 2022 the Lodge Symbolic is located within the walk in vaults of the GLO Admin Blg.

Age:  Not Known

Who built the Lodge Symbolic:  Not Known


  1. Three metal candle holders
  2. Candles
  3. Two white Cloths
  4. Grand Marshall has in his care the three metal vessels for corn, wine and oil

Where / When was the Lodge Symbolic used from memory:

  1. 1996 – Rogue River No. 226
  2. 2004 – Sheridan-Dayton No. 64
  3. 2008 – Esoterika No. 22
  4. 2016 – Enlightenment No. 228

Picture taken 2022.  GLO Admin Vault

Sheridan Dayton No. 64 Building Dedication.  2004