Harmony Lodge No. 12 – Picnic 1923

While working on a scanning project this wonderful panoramic photograph surfaced in the May 1981 Volume of The Oregon Freemason.

Floating out there is a long photograph that I have never seen.  If anyone knows where this photograph can be seen in all its glory please contact the GLO Oregon Museum.

Tillamook No. 57 – 150th / Silver Wave No. 18 OES

During a visit to Tillamook No. 57 in Tillamook Oregon many photographs were taken of history inside of the lodge. This trip was to participate in the 150th Celebration of 150 years of Tillamook No. 57 as a lodge. The local Chapter Silver Wave No. 18 had a table with many of their photographs of by gone years. Enjoy


Library and Museum is Open

Please consider visiting the MWB Robert M. Richmond Memorial Library and Museum.

The Library and Museum Committee works on Fridays from 1100am-400pm every week.  The library and museum is also open Monday through Thursday for tours.  Monday through Thursday please check in at the main Administration Building and Grand Lodge of Oregon Staff will open up the Library and Museum for your visit.

Hope to see you.

Library and Museum Committee

Oregon Military Lodge U.D. – Bible Surfaced

Recently the original Oregon Military Lodge U. D. Bible, Bible Cover surfaced.  The bible is the bible used while they were under dispensation in Germany and the leather bible cover was hand made and is a wonderful piece of Americana Art on the back.

1851 – Square and Compass from Lafayette No. 3

In the collection of Union No. 3 in McMinnville Oregon is a curious framed lead Square and Compass that was used at Lafayette No. 3.  Very likely the oldest Square and Compass in existence in Oregon.

Written on Frame:

“This Square and Compass was made of lead and Presented by L. G. Suter (Likely Levi George Suiter ) to Lafayette Lodge No. 3, A. F. and A. M. at the time charter was issued – – May 9, 1851, and used until May 14, 1927, making a total of 76 years.”


Lafayette No. 3 1851 Lead Square and Compass

UK Donation

A wonderful donation has recently been recieved at the MWB RMR Memorial Library and Museum.  The collection is called, The Sidney Herbert Burchell Collection.  This person was a Freemason in UK and moved to California in the 1940’s where he passed away and is buried.  He was an 19th and 20th century author.  Most notably would be his Masonic Items that he collected while he lived in UK.  To many to share in this format but if you ever travel to the museum ask to see the collection.  2023-000-422

MWB Berryman Jennings – Annual Wreath Laying

Every year a wreath laying ceremony occurs at the gravesite of our first Grand Master, Most Worshipful Brother Berryman Jennings.

In 1897 the Grand Lodge of Oregon while in Annual Communication began the process of having a suitable monument for our first Grand Master created and installed at the unmarked grave of MWB Berryman Jennings.  In 1898 the committee assigned by the Grand Lodge of Oregon to install the marker finished their project with a handsome marker in honor of our first GM.

In 1910 the Grand Lodge of Oregon Proceedings show that a $5.00 budget was given to the care of MWB Jennings grave which today would be around $150.00.  The budget for the care of PGM Jennings grave continued until the last entry in 1915.  Further research needs to occur within the budget to see if the yearly budget for the care of the grave continued after 1915 or stopped.

In 1952 the Grand Master of California MWB Louis C. Drapeau visited Oregon for the purpose of laying a wreath at the grave of MWB Jennings.

Recently several photographs surfaced showing many people boarding buses and also pictures around the grave of Berryman Jennings.

With the help of Grand Lodge of Oregon History Committee Chairman Worshipful Brother Michael Robinson a name was placed with at least one of these men in the picture.

The pictured Grand Master on the left is Ralph Nesbitt 1951-52.

It is not clear at this time if these series of photographs are from the wreath laying from the Grand Master of California’s visit in 1952.  The dates appear to match very closely so it might be the pictures of this occasion.  With the Grand Lodge of California Flag in the background of one of these pictures I think it can be safe to say that these pictures are from that moment in history.

Each year in May the Grand Lodge of Oregon decorates MWB Berryman Jennings grave site.

WB Michael Robinson’s paper on the life of our first Grand Master of Oregon is a wonderful insight into Brother Jennings life.  https://oregonscottishrite.files.wordpress.com/2020/06/29-berryman-jennings-story.pdf

Malheur Cave Degree 1940’s – Picture

Wonderful old picture surfaced recently from the 1940’s of the entrance to the Malheur Cave.  The cave degree began around 1938.


Masonic Temple on Park Avenue Portland – Picture

Many do not know that before the Grand Lodge of Oregon Administration Offices were located in Forest Grove Oregon the Grand Lodge of Oregon paid rent for their offices at the old Masonic Temple that was located where the Portland Art Museum is today.  At that time the building was just called, “Masonic Temple”.  Many lodges, Al Kader and OES etc would meet there through out the year.  Here is a great picture of many years ago of the stage area inside the dining hall of that building.  The large corner where the Shrine Emblem is hanging is still visible if you go searching recent dining hall pictures at the Portland Art Museum via online search.  Love the recording gear.  Little bit bigger back then.


Roosevelt No. 187 – Interesting Picture

Here is a great picture of old campers in Front of Roosevelt No. 187 Lodge Building.  Makes one wonder where they are all going?  Maybe to the Cave Degree?  Roosevelt No. 187 Consolidated with East Gate No. 155 in 1981.