Glass Slides – Magic Lantern

Yesterday at my local Research Lodge, Research Lodge of Oregon No. 198 a discussion at the Refreshment Table began about Glass Slides that were used for degree work using the old Magic Lantern Projectors.

The Grand Lodge of Oregon Digital Archives has copied these glass slides.  Give these beautiful pieces of art a look.

Glass Slides


Oregon Work “Ritual” Curious Find

A curious find has surfaced while indexing for the Digital Archives of the GLO.  It appears that at least a few Freemason’s in Oregon in 1919 didn’t like the adopted Work.  Referred it to Morganism and the use of the number of 6?

To my Ritualists out there do we know what this is referring to?  Link

Portland Masonic Cemetery / Greenwood Hills Cemetery

Did you know…?

Did you know that there was at one time post Grand Lodge of Oregon creation in 1851 (ca.1860’s) land either purchased, acquired or given for use for burial of Mason’s and their families located in Portland Oregon?

This land is today known as, Greenwood Hills Cemetery.

The research on this Masonic Cemetery is very muddied right now but it was called and referred to by several varied names:  Portland Masonic Cemetery, Masonic Cemetery, Greenwood Cemetery and now Greenwood Hills Cemetery.

At some point which is yet to be determined the ownership was transferred, given or sold to some person, company or organization that in the end changed the name to Greenwood Hillls Cemetery.

The significance of this new find is very important to the history of this jurisdiction.  Important because there was never a point in recorded history until now that a location was known to exist for Brothers and their families to be buried in that was specifically a Masonic Cemetery in the Portland area.

The burials of Freemasons and their families obviously occurred all the time in Portland but the use of a Masonic Cemetery is what makes this unique.

The ownership and management of the Portland Masonic Cemetery / Greenwood Cemetery was held by ‘three pioneer lodges’ in Portland.  Which ‘three’ lodges at this time is not known.

To add to this wonderful story is the recent find of the Tax Survey Map which is more than just a normal tax survey.  It is actually a Plat Map of the Cemetery.

This plat map is a curious creation that resembles to my eye The Golden Ratio

Looking at the plat map of the cemetery excites me.  Makes me think that this is just not a lay out of a cemetery but Freemasons at work creating a lasting example of the secrets of mathematics by perfectly balancing the layout of a cemetery for time immemorial.

To add a bit more to this wonderful new find is three very important Masons who were very much involved in the creation of the Oregon Jurisdiction are buried here:

Orrin Kellogg and Joseph kellogg who were the men who brought the Charter to the Oregon Territory in 1848 to Oregon City which allowed Masonic Work to begin.

Berryman Jennings first Grand Master of Oregon (source 1, source 2)

Lodge Symbolic of the Grand Lodge of Oregon

The “Lodge Symbolic” is a unique item that is housed within the Archives of the Grand Lodge of Oregon A. F. and A. M.  It is used for dedications of Lodges and Lodge Buildings.

The history of its creation has not surfaced yet during the inventory of the collections of the new MWB RMR Memorial Library and Museum.  It is hoped that some day the history of its creation surfaces.

From memory and the use of pictures that have surfaced since 2017 the Lodge Symbolic has been used 5 times.  Within this gold box is housed the Vessels of the Grand Lodge of Oregon A. F. and A. M.

Sheridan Dayton No.64 Dedication of their Building 2002.

Portland Scottish Rite Blue Lodge Dedication 1979


Where / When was the Lodge Symbolic used from memory:

  1. 1979 June 24 Portland Scottish Rite Blue Lodge Room Dedication
  2. 1996 – Rogue River No. 226
  3. 2004 – Sheridan-Dayton No. 64
  4. 2008 – Esoterika No. 22
  5. 2016 – Enlightenment No. 228


Northwestern Masonic Aid Association

Northwestern Masonic Aid Association (Source: D6 169)

OMM Closed today 9-2-22

The OMM Closed today 9-2-22.