GLO – Digital Archives New Addition

The Library and Museum Committee is very excited to announce the upload to the GLO Digital Archives the GLO History Volumes 1-3.

Grand Lodge of Oregon History Volume 1-3 


New: Grand Lodge of Oregon GLO Digital Archives Topical Index

The MWB Robert M. Richmond Memorial Library and Museum is very proud to share the new GLO Digital Archives Topical Index.


The GLO Library and Museum Committee have been working on this new index to replace the old Digital Archives for over a year.

This Digital Archives will be using very large Digital Digests and direct links to GLO Museum Accession Numbers within the archives.  Many of these files are very large so patience is needed when researching.

The entire GLO Lodge History folders are now available within the index which took over a week to upload.  This directory alone was over 280 GB.


GLO Library and Museum Committee

1871 Cornerstone Article

Fun article.  The contents of this cornerstone are located in the Museum of the GLO.

Beaver Coin Article – $

An interesting find found within the Archives of the Grand Lodge of Oregon Musuem.

Traveling Trowel – 1905 ~ 1923

In 1905 a “Traveling Trowel” began its long journey spreading fellowship and Brotherly Love along the way.

Starting in New York from Justice Lodge No. 753 and returning back home 22 years later.

The new Grand Lodge of California F. & A.M. magazine has a wonderful article sharing this story.  This story has been shared by other Masonic organizations over the years, but the GL of C. article has some pretty enjoyable pictures added.

In the MWB R.M.R. Memorial Library there is a small pamphlet in the special collection that shares the visit of the Traveling Trowel to Oregon when it visited Willamette Lodge No. 2 1908.

The minutes for Willamette No. 2 have not been searched for this important visit.  It is on a high priority to do so.


Petition Handwritten for Degrees of Freemasonry – 1874

First time in this jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Oregon that a hand written petition for the mysteries of the Ancient Craft has been located.  The question of how a man requested the degrees at a lodge has always been there.  Was there a form back in the 19th century for the degrees or was it always handwritten by the petitioner and submitted for review and vote?

Charity for a Brother – 1878

Interesting act of Charity from a Masonic Lodge in Eugene Lodge No. 11.

Lafayette No. 3 1854 – Certificate of Standing Hand Written

A very interesting item surfaced this morning during indexing.  A handwritten certificate of standing from Lafayette No. 3 1854.  Very early correspondence for this young jurisdiction.

Plymouth Illinois – 1866 Correspondence (concerned son and Brother.)

A very interesting correspondence from 1866 from a Brother in Illinois to Eugene City Lodge No. 11.  I will leave the reader to read through.  I wonder how the story ended.

Cornerstone Article – Cornerstone found March 21, 1928

This corner-stone of a Masonic Temple, erected by the Masonic Building Association of Portland, Oregon, was laid by the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Oregon, on Thursday the 29th day of June, A. D. 1871, A. L. 5871.

The morning Oregonian Wednesday March 21st, 1928

Masonic temple cornerstone uncovered

frank J. Smith was a boy of 11 when he saw the Masonic temple cornerstone laid at 3rd and Alder streets in 1871. Yesterday, shortly after workmen had uncovered part of the brick covering and revealed the rock, he climbed down into the excavation and renewed acquaintance with the stone. It contained historical records found in a perfect state of preservation.


Cornerstone gives Masonic records

box sealed 57 years ago in rock is located

Smith points location

contents of leaden jazz found in good condition after nearly six years

57 years ago, on June 29th 1871 the Masonic Grand Lodge of Oregon laid the cornerstone of the Masonic temple, then in procession of erection at 3rd and Alder streets.

Yesterday noon that cornerstone was recovered by work been who are wrecking the building that the Pacific states investment company may erect a 12 story structure upon the site, and from the stones chiseled depths was taken a small, sealed lead box containing the records and mementos.