Dues Card Found 1848 – Grand Lodge of Illinois

A wonderful find today during indexing.  It appears to be a scan of a dues card not a certificate of standing.  Dated 1848!

Petition Handwritten for Degrees of Freemasonry – 1874

First time in this jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Oregon that a hand written petition for the mysteries of the Ancient Craft has been located.  The question of how a man requested the degrees at a lodge has always been there.  Was there a form back in the 19th century for the degrees or was it always handwritten by the petitioner and submitted for review and vote?

Charity for a Brother – 1878

Interesting act of Charity from a Masonic Lodge in Eugene Lodge No. 11.

Lafayette No. 3 1854 – Certificate of Standing Hand Written

A very interesting item surfaced this morning during indexing.  A handwritten certificate of standing from Lafayette No. 3 1854.  Very early correspondence for this young jurisdiction.

Plymouth Illinois – 1866 Correspondence (concerned son and Brother.)

A very interesting correspondence from 1866 from a Brother in Illinois to Eugene City Lodge No. 11.  I will leave the reader to read through.  I wonder how the story ended.

Wasco No. 15 – Records copy

During a recent trip to accept a donation of records from Wasco No. 15 to the Grand Lodge of Oregon Museum Archives many wonderful documents were discovered.  Here are a few that caught my eye after the scanning of 806 documents .  I am peculiarly interested in the early correspondence between lodges during the 1860’s-1890’s.  This time in Oregon Freemasonry were growing pains for the Grand Lodge of Oregon and how they received communications from their subordinate lodges and also communicating with them from the GLO.  Enjoy..