Moon Lodges – Curious List of Lodges U. S.

While indexing a unique piece surfaced detailing one persons research from the 1950’s concerning the practice of Lodges that were, Moon Lodges.  The list is interesting.  The need of having Moon Lodge’s have passed with the coming of roads and modern travel.

Explanation of a Moon Lodge:

As most of you already know or have surmised, a moon lodge was born out of necessity due to the lack of natural or artificial illumination by which one could travel to and from meetings. During the 18th century, transportation was limited to horseback, horse & buggy, walking and even in some circumstances by boat. There were no paved roads and very few gravel but merely two dirt ruts that would meander through bush and fields rarely in a straight line. With only a candle or coal oil lamp to light the way, a full moon provided welcome companionship for a long and lonely trek. Individuals would travel 8-10 miles or more and were unable to make the long trip home at night and would be supplied lodging by a fellow brother, leaving after breakfast to return home the next morning.

Some jurisdictions in the late 1800’s would print and distribute to every Masonic home, a thirteen month calendar with only the date and month of the full moon throughout the year.