GLO – Visitation Card

A neat little item surfaced yesterday at the museum.  It appears that there was a Form 14 which was available through GLO which was a card to be used when a Brother visited another lodge.

The card would be filled out by the lodge and sent to the visiting Brother’s lodge to let them know that they were honored to have him visit.


Oregon Masonic News Then and Now MR

With the recent posting of the new project that the MWB Robert M. Richmond Memorial Library and Museum has begun with the scanning of all available Oregon Mason / Oregon Freemason Magazines it has become necessary to share the evolution of this wonderful magazine.

WB Michael Robinson wrote a wonderful paper on this topic a few years ago.  His paper gives all of the history in one source.

Oregon Masonic News Then and Now MR.pdf

Oregon Freemason – Magazine

A new project has began at the MWB Robert M. Richmond Memorial Library and Museum.

Scanning project of the Oregon Freemason Magazine that was very popular from the 1940’s – 1970’s.

The first year available within the library was 1943 and this is now available for view.

These files are fully searchable which is very interesting when looking for a specific lodge, surname or event.

Oregon Freemason Digital Archives GLO – Fully searchable.